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 Make your attendees travel back in time with an incredible MICE event in Mexico City.

Mexico's history is extensive as it is full of emblematic figures that to this day their image can be found in the streets, however, it has a number of venues whose walls witnessed important events and thanks to its excellent architecture have become a symbol of elegance and glamour.

As a DMC our main objective is to turn an event into an unforgettable experience through our tools and expertise. That is why we know better than anyone how to take advantage of the great variety of venues with which we can make the attendees feel like kings, queens, aristocrats and even part of the legendary colonial history of the country.

"Mexico City has a number of venues whose walls witnessed important events and thanks to its excellent architecture have become a symbol of elegance and glamour".


San Hipólito

A few streets away from the ostentatious Palace of Fine Arts and built during the 16th century, the Exconvent of San Hipolito tells the story of Mexico after the fall of Tenochtitlan. This wonderful space has a colonial style patio surrounded by arches and quarry stone corridors, as well as 8 colonial halls.
Its fountain in the center of the courtyard provides an unmissable panorama for any event, day or night. They have 20 years of experience hosting events, which makes it an icon for any type of event in Mexico City.


When contemplating an event in Mexico City the Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola Vizcaínas or "Las Vizcaínas" is the venue that comes to mind, its beautiful colonial architecture of the eighteenth century, as well as the impressive main courtyard are just the appetizer of this incredible enclosure.

It has a marked baroque style, the entrance leads to the chapel adorned with cornices where there is a beautiful choir with one of the few organs still in service since the baroque era; it is undoubtedly a conglomerate of history, art and culture located in the center of the city and an incredible option for your next corporate project

Franz Mayer

Located next to the Alameda Central and known as another icon of downtown, the Franz Mayer Museum is a unique space that houses temporary exhibitions that provide an additional experience. Its remodeling began in 1981 thanks to Franz Mayer Traumann, a staunch German collector whose collection contains pieces ranging from the 15th to the 21st century.

It has a meeting room, an auditorium and an esplanade where the fountain in the center will provide a natural ambience that, with the support of a little production, will surely turn your evening into something unreal.


Metropolitan Palace
Also known as the Marble Palace, the Metropolitan Palace was built in 1870 during the Porfiriato, its beautiful marble vestibules and wooden portals positioned it as the best host for aristocratic balls; during its history it served as a center of coexistence for Spanish immigrants, a refuge for the Jewish community and as a precursor cinema for matinees. After 35 years of restoration, the Metropolitan Palace is now a venue that exudes glamour and elegance, with its 5 rooms it will be the ideal place for any business event.

Palacio de Minería
The Palacio de Minería is a masterpiece of American neoclassicism planned and built by the Valencian sculptor and architect Manuel Tolsá in 1979, its purpose was to house and train academics specialized in the exploitation of mines. It is considered one of the most relevant constructions of Mexican architecture; the harmony between light, space and functionality, in addition to its exquisite architecture; all these components, as well as the support of us as DMC will make your project a success.

Castillop de Chapultepec

Recognized as the only royal castle in the American continent, home of multiple political figures in the history of Mexico and center of multiple battles during the American invasion, Chapultepec Castle houses a collection of paintings, photographs, documents and objects that transport through time, and in its extensive library there is a specialized collection of history, art, real estate and painting.

It has been modified by Austrian, French, Belgian and Mexican architects, providing it with a diverse infrastructure, ample gardens and an artificial lake; it is also surrounded by a wonderful forest that at nightfall will make visitors feel like they are part of a fairy tale.

Finally, it is important to consider that this type of venues require peculiarities when considering them for events, given that many of these venues are regulated and protected by public institutions for their great historical and cultural value; so you can certainly rely on a local DMC with experience when considering these sites to avoid a lot of headaches, and in this way, you can only worry about enjoying the dream event that will leave a before and after in your guests.

Published by DMS Mexico 2023


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