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 The unforgettable flavors of Mexico City promise unique experiences
for incentive groups 


Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic features of this beautiful country, unmistakable in flavor and multifaceted due to the diversity of territories that conform it. From traditional dishes and the use of pre-Hispanic techniques to signature cuisine, it is possible to find a great variety throughout the metropolis, capable of satisfying and captivating the most demanding diners' palates.


Inspired by one of the most popular icons of Mexican culture, José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, better known by his alias Pancho Villa, Arango restaurant features an art deco atmosphere that transports you back to the 50's to a 20th century Paris. Its cuisine on the other hand seeks to preserve and honor the gastronomic heritage, rescuing old recipes and methods to adapt them to a more contemporary cuisine using traditional ingredients and cooking techniques, as well as dishes that evoke the essence of Mexican culture.

In this sense, Arango restaurant invites us to taste a mixture of traditional and modern flavors of urban Mexican cuisine, using top quality ingredients invites us to remember the streets of the heart of this city.

Blanco Colima 

In the heart of the Colonia Roma, one of Mexico City's most prestigious neighborhoods, Blanco Colima fuses modernist art and gastronomy; this Porfirian mansion sets a paradigm in its blank canvas by painting its menu in vibrant colors with its exquisite dishes. With its innovative approach, the restaurant combines modern cuisine with a captivating atmosphere, where music and meticulously crafted cocktails intertwine to create a unique experience. 

Its location on the famous gastronomic street of Colima places it amongst a collection of the best restaurants in the country. For nearly a decade, Blanco Colima has shined brightly on La Roma's culinary scene as the canvas of its concept evolves, continuing to draw inspiration from seasonal ingredients to create an experience that goes beyond food and becomes a celebration of art, flavor and ambiance.

Hacienda de los Morales

With more than four centuries of history, the Ex Hacienda de los Morales, so called for being the place where the first mulberry trees, used for silkworm breeding, were planted for the first time. This farm full of history has been restored several times, however, its original structure has remained intact, offering visitors a colonial atmosphere with Mexican touches in its 16 rooms and its main dining room.

In the gastronomic part we can find a variety of international and traditional Mexican flavors, in addition to a selection of wines of excellent quality that complement the exquisite dishes that can be tasted here.

Azul Histórico 

Headed by chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita and part of the Azul group, this restaurant located in the heart of Mexico City on the first floor of a beautiful 17th century colonial building has won several awards for the high quality of its dishes and its affordable prices. Set in a meticulously restored colonial courtyard, this establishment evokes the history and culture of Mexico while delighting diners with a range of flavors that capture the very essence of the country.



Defined as a corner of exquisite flavors and fresh seafood, Chambao stands out from other restaurants in Polanco thanks to its expertise in excellent cuts of meat and its architecture inspired by Tulum. A place where innovation and creativity are the protagonists in the signature mixology that this restaurant makes available to guests who visit the place. 

Its top quality steaks range from Black Angus to the famous Kobe Beef, and meat lovers will know that its quality is unquestionable; however, Chambao offers personalized advice from expert stewards who will recommend according to the demands of our palates. 

The experience at Chambao translates into an incomparable sensory journey, the diversity of its menu is a constant parade of aromas, textures and surprising flavors, which is constantly renewed to create unique culinary memories. From traditional dishes to bold proposals, Chambao offers a range of options that maintain the highest quality standards, as well as a first class culinary destination where you will create truly memorable moments. 

With a diversity of flavors and scenarios, Mexico City offers unique gastronomic experiences that will delight not only the palate of your incentive groups, but will take participants on a journey of sensations. From traditional dishes to adventurous approaches capable of maintaining the roots of Mexican cuisine, Mexican gastronomy has managed to position and differentiate itself, being recognized worldwide as we can find the heart of the Mexican people in every bite.

Published by DMS Mexico 2023


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