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Know all the activities that will take place in the Zócalo of the Mexico City this week.

Mexico City's Day of the Dead 2022 celebrations begin. And, truth be told, there are many to choose from. This time we will focus on the Zócalo of the Mexico City, right in the heart of the Historic Center, where incredible events will take place. So make your plan.

1) Monumental Offering

In the traditional Monumental Ofrenda in the Zócalo you will be able to see 32 huge catrinas representing each of the states of the Mexican Republic.

The expo will be open to the public from Friday, October 28 through Wednesday, November 2, and will be free of charge.

"This year we will have the representation of all the states of the Republic, that is why it is called "Mexico in the navel of the moon. There will be 32 monumental catrinas, each with their own ofrendas," commented the Secretary of Culture, Claudia Curiel.

Last year's ofrenda was dedicated to all the people who unfortunately lost the fight against Covid-19.

2) Lighting in the capital's downtown

This year, for the first time, the Zócalo will have lighting alluding to the Day of the Dead. Jesús Esteva, Secretary of Works and Services of the CDMX said that "there will be four mosaics in total: one at the entrance of 20 de Noviembre Street, two more at the capital's government buildings and one more at the intersection of Reforma and Insurgentes".

Weather permitting, the lighting of the lights will be accompanied by a drone show. So far the tentative date for the first show is October 25 at 8:00 p.m., but everything will depend on weather conditions.

For this visual experience will be used 12 thousand LED bulbs of 0.5 watts of different colors, 4 kilometers of frost, 2 kilometers of luminous hose, 1 ton of rod and 8 kilometers of power cables.

3) Alebrijes Parade  

This celebration took place on Saturday, October 22. Don't worry if you were not able to attend the parade, as the alebrijes will be adorning the main sidewalks of Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, between the Angel of Independence and Diana Cazadora traffic circles until Sunday, November 6 at 8:00 pm.

Finally, on October 29 there will be an award ceremony to recognize the best alebrijes, which will take place at the Museum of Popular Art at 6:00 pm.

Learn more about the Alebrijes by visiting our microsite. 

4) Day of the Dead Grand Parade

Under the theme "Mexico in the navel of the Moon", the Great Day of the Dead Parade will take place on October 29th starting at 5:00 pm. The parade will start at Puerta de los Leones and will pass through Paseo de la Reforma, Juarez and 5 de Mayo, until it reaches the capital's Zocalo.

It is planned that the floats will be illuminated by the time they enter the Zócalo, where they will be greeted with a fireworks and drone show.

Learn more about this celebration by visiting our microsite.

​​​​As you can see there is a lot to enjoy so take a trip to downtown Mexico City and celebrate the Day of the Dead. 

We trully expect that you will come to celebrate with Us this year! Contact Us!

The Dia de Muertos holiday in Mexico is a real tourist sensation so hotel reservations and activities are quickly covered. If you want to plan your group for 2023 we are already working on it!

¡Esperamos sinceramente que puedan acompañarnos a celebrarla este año!

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Published by DMS Mexico All rights rserved 2022

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