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DMS Mexico Chronicles No4 - March 2022 

We are very proud to launch fourth Chronicle, where we will keep you informed of the groups and events experiences that we are organizing for our clients from November 2021.

Getting to Know Mexico City Through Its Flavors: A Culinary Learning Experience.

It is a fact that traveling to other countries, puts us in the position to live experiences full of discovery in many ways, learning, new flavors, and why not mention it, also… a lot of fun!.

And this is precisely why the International Caterers Association Educational Foundation (ICAEF) decided to come from the United States to undertake an adventure specially designed by DMS México for them through the states of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca.

Since many of the members of the foundation had not traveled for some time due to the global COVID-19 situation, the first day of the trip could not begin with anything other than a special reunion. For this, the elegant terrace of the Hilton Mexico City Reforma was taken as the setting, where everyone enjoyed an evening cocktail reception after all the arrivals, where in addition to having the opportunity to catch up, they witnessed the presentation of the new woman in the chair of the foundation.

The next day, we started early in the morning heading to one of the most important religious sites in Mexico City and for locals, the Basilica of Guadalupe.

At this important sacred complex, we enjoyed a guided tour of its facilities, through which we gained a much deeper understanding of the value of the sacred image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the culture and life of Mexicans in general.

"ICAEF decided to come from the US  to undertake an adventure specially designed by DMS Mexico"

"Estudio Milessimé was waiting to welcome us, where we would not only encounter an experience full of exclusivity and flavor...”

Afterwards, we proceeded to transport ourselves to what would be our first culinary experience in Mexico City, at one of the best restaurants in the downtown area, the fascinating Restaurante Azul Histórico, where chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita designed a special menu for the group, through his magnificent signature dishes, the group was transported through their palates through various gastronomic regions of the Mexican Republic, however, this was only “a snack” for what awaited us later after a short break back at the hotel.

"We started with a visit to a traditional market worthy of any adventurous palate, the legendary San Juan Gourmet Market "Ernesto Pugibet".

In the evening, a hidden treasure called "Estudio Milessimé" was waiting to welcome us, where we would not only encounter an experience full of exclusivity and flavor, but also...a lot of tequila! but not just any tequila, but one of the leading premium brands, which would also be tasted under the guidance of its creator, the Master Tequilier Alberto Navarro, who also gave rise to an extraordinary dinner pairing international cuisine with wine and tequila, something simply mindblowing!

For our third day, we started with a visit to a traditional market worthy of any adventurous palate, the legendary San Juan Gourmet Market "Ernesto Pugibet". Here, we mingled with the folkloric atmosphere of the market to observe the sale of fruits and vegetables, dried chiles, and exotic delicacies such as lion meat, crocodile, and a great diversity of insects that are offered to the public for consumption.

And... after a couple of mezcals, a few scorpions and other types of insects that were bravely tasted by several of us, we closed the visit to the market eating some delicious Spanish tapas made with imported cheeses and sausages and accompanied by a delicious wine to pair.

However, despite all this, the day's adventure was just about to begin, as the group would live an experience worthy of the fantasies of any average Mexican, getting to know the Historic Center of Mexico City while spending the whole day visiting numerous taquerias and traditional cantinas in the area, an experience not at all elegant, but all too delicious and memorable.

For our last day in Mexico City, we started with a tour of the colorful and colonial neighborhood of Coyoacan, where through its cobblestone streets, we came across several surprises related to Mexican history, culture, art and folklore. Here, we also visited the house of the iconic artist Frida Kahlo, where you can learn more about her personal history, her development as an artist and other topics of interest related to her person and her paintings.

Afterwards, we moved even further south of Mexico City, to sail along the canals of one of the main sites recognized as an international heritage site by UNESCO, the archaeological zone of Xochimilco. In which, in addition to enjoying a relaxing ride on a colorful and traditional trajinera, participants learned more about the site and especially about its still-functional pre-Hispanic chinampas.

And in fact, it is in one of these pre-Hispanic chinampas that we all enjoyed an incredible illustrative tour of how chinampa cultivation works, and of course, we had a traditional Mexican meal with ingredients that went from this farm to the table.

During dessert, a message was played on the speakers of the place, it was Chef Elena Reygadas herself, owner of the restaurant "Rosetta", who expressed her gratitude to the group for promoting the preservation of the chinampas and told us personally that she was waiting for us at her restaurant for dinner, for which she had designed an exclusive menu for us using the same ingredients that we had just learned about the cultivation process, after this, we went back to the hotel for a brief break to freshen up before dinner.

And for our grand farewell, as Chef Reygadas had already prophesied, we headed to the historic neighborhood of Colonia Roma to visit her restaurant, #27 on the San Pellegrino list, where our palates lost the sense of being eating in Mexico City and swore we were tasting dishes from paradise with Mexican cuisine touches.

Finally and sadly, after finishing that delicacy, it was time to go back to the hotel to pack our bags, since, the next day, it would be time to start our way to the incredible state of Puebla...


"We were tasting dishes from paradise with Mexican cuisine touches."

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Published by DMS Mexico 2022

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